The most comprehensive collection of  17th & 18th  century  English oak furniture.

Adriaan Groenewoud Antiquiteiten & Oude Kunst specialises in 16th, 17th, 18th and early 19th century English and Continental furniture.
Adriaan Groenewoud established his business in 1972 and since then has built up a reputation for a collection of genuine pieces. The careful selection of his stock is based  on unwavering principles of quality, untouched patina and originality. The upholding of these principles have become his hallmark. His clientele acknowledge that they can buy with confidence and reassurance that the authenticity of the pieces will always be guaranteed. He is recognised as one of the leading antique dealers in the Netherlands.
His fine collection is exhibited at the backdrop of four canal houses in Historical Delfshaven, Rotterdam. In this ambience, he is able to display a most comprehensive original collection of 17th and 18th century English oak furniture.

In addition to the early oak furniture collection, you will find 16th,17th,18th and early 19th century furniture in ash, elm, fruitwood, mahogany, oak, walnut and yew. Furthermore, you can discover painted furniture, a variety of sculptures, paintings, textiles, mirrors, metalwork and clocks.


Delfshaven, located 1.5 mile (2.5 km) from the City Centre of Rotterdam, was founded in 1389 when Count Aelbrecht van Beieren gave permission to the city of Delft to establish a harbour along the river Meuse. Piet Heyn, who was an admiral and folk hero during the Eighty Years War between the Netherlands and Spain, was born here. The Pilgrim Fathers left the Netherlands in 1620 from Delfshaven, on board the Speedwell to Southampton, where they commissioned the Mayflower and set sail for New England.